• Cooke 2:09 PM like a date
  • Laura S 12:44 PM he's married dude
  • Schu 8:09 AM well whatever we'll figure it out.
  • Andy Cohen 11:14 AM I literally saw it and it says Fucking Icon
  • Mom 6:28 AM call me - mom
  • Huisman 11:45 PM yikes
To: Cooke
Today, 2:09 PM
i'm wonderin'
what's up
do you wanna get dinner tonight
sure yeha
like a date
i don't think that's a good idea
Today, 12:44 PM
you're being dumb af
he won't leave her
he will
he's not even...with her
jesus christ jennifer
Are you insane ??
he's married dude
i know
Today, 7:58 AM
we have a meeting on the 26th with paramount
but we can facetime it bc i don't know where i'll be with chris
sounds good
they have some director options and
well whatever we'll figure it out
good talk
Yesterday, 4:20 PM
is it true about lisa rinna
about what
I literally saw it and it says Fucking Icon
Today, 6:28 AM
call me
it's mom
call me
Jun 7, 11:20 AM
feel like you never want to talk to me
i'm not good at small talk
okay, i'll talk to you another time when there's something important to discuss.
you told me you weren't good at small talk, I'm not going to force you to talk to me?